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Queen Medusa Singapore Occult Shop, a Singapore based Metaphysical / Occult Shop specialized in Spell-Casting of any field.  Spells for Love, Money, Protection, Luck, Job. Try Queen Medusa Spell-Casting Service or Personalized Spells Kits when you need improvement in Relationship, Love, Stop Divorce or Break Someone Up.  Seek us if you need Positive Money Flow, Lottery Wins. Request for Protection Against Anything or Remove Curses.  Boost Your Career or Get A Well-Paid Job. If you have a Difficult Situation or need Fast Results, or to Custom Wishes, contact us for A FREE CONSULTATION.  We welcome all enquires.  We offer Personal Forecast Readings and a full line of Handmade Supplies, including Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs to spice up your Love and Sex life, Voodoo Dolls and other Powerful Handmade Occult Supplies to Enhance your life. We too have an ongoing Online Progressive Occult Magic Course for individuals who are interested in learning Magic to help themselves and others.  Magical Tuition Class is also available for First and Second Degree Wiccan Priest or Priestess who needs refresher course or anyone who needs guiding through their spiritual path. Alternatively you may pick up magical talent by learning spell by spell while we guide you through.  In Queen Medusa we make Learning Magic As Easy As ABC.

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Products And Services We Offer:


Ask Fortune Teller!

S$30 per Amazing Psychic Tarot Readings by Ask Fortune Teller.

Lawsuit - Court Case, Loved Ones Reunited, Lover -Partner, Luck – Money, Marriage,

Mental & Physical Abuse, Owner – Operator, Passion – Romance, Relationships,

Soulmate, Sweetheart, and many more…


Love Potions & Aphrodisiacs

Witch Bottle for Love & Relationship, Self-Protection, and Cast A Curse

Charms & Talismans (New!)

Voodoo Doll Kits for Love & Passion, Curse & Curse Removal, Spell Kits For Love, Lust & Sex, Money & Career, Baby Boom, No More Enemy, Come To Me, Breakup A Relationship

Customized Spell Kits For Your Special Need.

Medusa School Of Magic, the place you can’t miss for learning magic to improve your life. (NEW!)